Asus G553Q(R) fans not reported


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Hello. I have an Asus G553Q (G553QR as reported by the BIOS) that HWINFO64 is not reporting fans for. I do have Armoury Crate running as it is necessary to control other things on the laptop and it is reporting both fans' status. If there is a setting I need to enable to read the fans, I have yet to find it. I have attached debug/logs in case it's not a setting issue.

Thank you.
Probably yes, but it might be better if you could attach dumps made using the RW-Everything tool:
Create 2 dumps when running at different fan speeds and note the actual speed.
The 2 dumps should be for both:
- EC (Embedded Controller) and
- IO Index/Data where you enter 0382 for Index and 0383 for Data Port.

So 2 dumps for EC and 2 for IO Index/Data.. Then save the results and name the files according to actual fan speed reported by Armoury Crate.
I was able to make EC dumps for 3 different settings available in Armoury Crate, but the I/O data was all FF. I dumped them anyway. Fan speeds are in a text file in the zip. Armoury Crate rounds them to the nearest 100RPMs.


I uninstalled Armoury Crate on my Asus B650M and my fans then were then visible to HWINFO64 and HWmonitor. Seems like they get hooked by an Asus installer service and are invisible then after those crate items get installed.