Asus RIVE Voltage Question


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Hello, recently I have seen my 12v drops quite a bit during load as well as something call vin6, have seen it drop to .640v before.

Could someone tell me what Vin6 is on this motherboard and if the voltages are correct?

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Edit: Tested the cpu with intel burn test then Vin6 decreases when it's under load went down as low as .672

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I don't know the meaning of VIN6 on that mainboard. ASUS doesn't seem to report it and only they know for sure.
It might be an invalid reading of a not connected input. Does that value seem to be in sync with any voltage on that mainboard?
Thanks for the quick reply, it doesn't seem to sync with any other voltage, only seems to lower itself when cpu is under heavy load.
No stability issues.
Only have seen my 12v and 3v dropping more than usual when under load and my GPU's with some sort of electrical buzzing now...might have to replace the PSU.

Strongest noise is the psu fan, but the buzzing can still be heard.
I'm afraid, but only ASUS knows whether they really connected some rail to VIN6. Having the board schematics could reveal this, but that's not possible to get...