audio playback issue


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Hi there,

I have a little bit of an issue here with the audio playback, when the sensor page in hwInfo64 is open or in background. I'm using raid0 with the intel controller on my Z68 pro3. I have the latest intel drivers and Write-Back Cache is disabled.

Would you plese check it out for me?

P.s. It's an amazing tool you have created, I love it.

EDit: After disabling the monitor on my two hard drives I have a normal playback now.

Ahh one more thing, I aways have to start hwinfo manually after I get into Windows although I've already checked Auto Start in the settings screen.


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In case disabling the hard drive temperature reading solves the stuttering issue, then it's clearly a fault of the Intel RAID driver. HWiNFO32/64 only queries that driver for temperature.
I'll check the auto-start issue too..
The next build released soon will also fix sensor values for your mainboard.
Thanks for your reply. It's not such a big deal for me, I'm using external sensors for monitoring my hard drives, but I'm waiting eagerly of the new build :).
Sorry to hijack this thread but I'd just like to say it's great to see a native x64 version and I am also having problems with Auto Start not working :(
I'll check that autostart issue again in the 64-bit version.
When you were running HWiNFO32 was this working properly?
Alternatively (until I fix it), you can use the Windows Task Scheduler to autostart HWiNFO64, which will additionaly allow you to bypass the UAC popup too.