Bios Vcore offset not visible in offsets section?

I changed the VRM offset in my BIOS to -0.05v, but HWInfo doesn't show the offset on bootup in its Voltage Offsets section. Only reads it as 0.000. How can I monitor my VCore offset?
Thanks for replying. The reason I wanted the offset to be displayed is two-fold:

1. The voltage offset field is already part of the program and always reads zero. I want it to reflect what you intended it to show.
2. I wanted to see if I'm making the changes in the correct sections of my bios. If I see the offset correctly displayed in HWINfo, then I know I made the changes in the right bio section.

Right now, with the offset reading zeros, I'm not sure if I made the Vcore offset changes in the right section of the bios or whether the HWInfo program never reads that value at all.

HWiNFO shows the voltage offset of the CPU internal VR.
I suppose what you have changed is the offset in on-board VR which isn't monitored by HWiNFO.
Oh? Didn't know that. Good to know. Thanks! So when folks undervolt their 13900K CPUs are they changing the internal VR and not the onboard VR, correct?

Also, do you have a manual for the HWInfo program? What are the differences between the PRO version and the freebie version of HWInfo?

Thanks again!
Changing voltage depends on mainboard design and how particular voltage regulators/power delivery is designed.
Here you can check the differences in Pro version: