HWiNFO Licenses

Check HWiNFO versions, licenses and upgrade
HWiNFO tools are available in various versions for different systems and use cases.
All versions are free to use in personal and non-commercial environments.
Using HWiNFO64 in a commercial environment requires the HWiNFO64 Pro license.
HWiNFO64 Pro also offers additional features.
Operating systemWindows 7 and later
Windows 7 and later
Windows 95 and later
MS-DOS or compatible
Non-Commercial useyesyesyesyes
Commercial useno2yes3yesyes
Automatic report via command-linenoyesnoyes
Automatic sensor logging via command-linenoyesnono
Automatic Updatenoyesnono
Shared Memory Supportinfo12-hour limit4yesUnlimitedyesUnlimitedno
OSD Maximum Itemsinfo5yesUnlimitednono
Remote Monitoring (max machines)yes(5)
12-hour limit
yes(5 + n)5nono

1 Using HWiNFO32 on 64-bit systems is possible, but not recommended due to the lack of several advanced features, limited number of CPU cores supported and memory size limit.

2 HWiNFO64 (non-Pro) can be used in commercial environment only for a 14-day evaluation period.

3 HWiNFO64 Pro can be used in commercial environment only with the Engineer or Corporate License. The Personal license does not allow commercial use.

4 HWiNFO64 (non-Pro) has a time-limited Shared Memory support to 12 hours. When this limit is reached during run-time, this feature will be automatically deactivated (and requires manual enabling again)

5 Each HWiNFO64 Pro license increases the remote connection limit by the number of licenses. A Personal license by 5 computers, Corporate and Engineer by 1. For example 2 Personal licenses will allow 5 + 2*5 = 15 connections. Maximum number of remote connections is currently 50. Remote Sensor Monitoring in non-Pro HWiNFO64 is limited to 12 hours as this features is based on Shared Memory.

HWiNFO64 Pro is available with different types of licenses:
Commercial usenoyesyes
License seal1 user, 5 computersUser-basedComputer-based
Volume discountyesyesyes
Any Pro version purchased doesn't expire and remains licensed perpetually. We offer different types of maintenance (updates) licenses:
Maintenance period (updates covered)1, 2, 3 yearsPerpetual
Renewal discount50% - 60%-
Educational discountyes50%no
Initial price (1st year) from$ 29$ 129
Renewal price (next year) from$ 14.5-
Purchase licenseBuy NowBuy Now

License duration and Maintenance period:

A Subscription license is issued with a limited maintenance period during which the licensed subject is entitled to use the license key on all updates of the HWiNFO64 Pro at no additional cost. After expiry of the maintenance period, versions issued before the expiry date will continue to work as licensed copies perpetually, but all versions released after that date will require a new license. A previously purchased license can be extended via a renewal request with a 50% discount. Existing customers can opt-in for auto-renew (automatic notification and renew when license is about to expire) or manual renew until cancelled. Renewal is optional and can be cancelled anytime.

A Lifetime License is a one-time purchase covering all future updates of HWiNFO64 Pro.

For licenses exceeding the available amounts, unlimited licenses or special requests please contact us directly.

Educational discount:

A 50% discount is available for Educational institutions for the Subscription license. Contact us prior to purchase to verify the eligibility and further instructions.

Activation type:

Activation is performed off-line upon receipt of a digital license key file via e-mail.


All payments are processed via our licensed partner and payment processor 2Checkout (Verifone). After successfully completing the purchase process you will be billed by 2Checkout and receive the license key via e-mail.


Refund policy:

Refunds are accepted up to 14 days from the date of placing the Order and are subject to individual review. For further details about processing of refunds please visit: 2Checkout  Refund Policy


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