Biostar B45M2 sensors/readings


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My mobo sensors are reporting Temp1/2/3 but im not really sure what they are?
I think Temperature 3 is the CPU temperature because it matches the values in the CPU section.

I am pretty sure the "Power" fan is also the "System" fan header on the mobo. Is Vccp2 also the RAM voltage?

This mainboard doesn't have dedicated sensor support in HWiNFO yet. Is there any tool from Biostar or the BIOS showing correct values? If yes, could you please post a screenshot from it?
And yes, Vccp2 might be the DRAM voltage.
Thanks. I will adjust sensor values for this mainboard in the next HWiNFO (Beta) build.
So i updated to the new beta build a few days ago and today something really strange happened. My PC suddenly throttled to 0.54GHz and was running super slow.
Checked HWiNFO and it reported thermal throttling?? Even though my CPU was 33c. Even after rebooting the throttling persisted.


I had to shutdown, turn off and unplug power for 30 second and then reboot to get the CPU back to normal speeds.

I also note the CPU reading disappeared from the motherboard section.
That looks like some other component is issuing the throttling signal (PROCHOT EXT), not the CPU. Check other components, chipset for example.
It might also be some other fault in the system or the ITE monitoring chip, which received invalid values and hence issued the signal.