C-States reported incorrectly


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First things first - hi guys, I'm a long time HWiNFO user and a happy one :)
One of the features I used lately was CPU C-States monitoring - I'm solving issues with occasional sound distortion. Everything worked nicely in HWiNFO until I decided to disable C6 state in BIOS - i. e. leaving C3, C1E etc. available. Unfortunately, that caused all of the states info - except for C0 - to disappear from Sensor Status window - see attachment. I believe debug report is not necessary in this case, but will add it if needed.

Short might-be-relevant specs:
Win 7 Ultimate x64
Foxconn Bloodrage, BIOS P11 with additional, official Westmere-EP microcode update (CPUID 206C2, revision 13)
Xeon X5670
Processor Power Management, Turbo, EIST and C-States (except C6) enabled, HT disabled.



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I think I will need the Debug File to check in detail, but this doesn't seem to be fixable in HWiNFO. It might be a 'feature' of the CPU..
Thanks for the quick reply. I attached debug info in the original post.
Not sure what you mean by that issue being feature of the CPU? It apparently does make use of the remaining C-States, the power usage is lower than with all of them disabled, and you can see in HWiNFO that the processor reports low residency in C0 state. You think it doesn't report other states or what seems to be the issue?
According to the data you posted, HWiNFO still reads all the C-State counters, but rest of them just reports constant 0. So that looks like the CPU stopped reporting other counters.
Well, as capable author of HWiNFO you might be, it seems that you can't solve the problem. Thank you for your time though. Awesome job on software, will definitely donate :)