Calculate estimated Battery Life

OK, I will add reporting of this parameter in the next Beta build of HWiNFO.
But it will be only reported if the system can estimate the remaining time and of course is not very accurate because it depends on average system load/power consumption.
You can change the value to be shown in hours in Custom settings, Customize values by using a 1/60 (0.01666) multiply factor.
But something like "x hours, y minutes" is not possible to fit into the existing sensor framework.
I had a question, but looks like i've already found info, about config place:

Martin said:
That depends which settings you mean. Those you have copied seem to be for the gadget only.
You sensor preferences are stored in the Registry under the following keys:
If you want to transfer them, just export the contents of these keys using "regedit" tool to .reg files and then launch those files on the target machine. Note, that these settings are specific to a particular machine and sensors present there.
There are also safety and other settings in HWiNFO (those set in the Configure screen), which are stored in the HWiNFO folder in HWiNFO32.INI or HWiNFO64.INI files respectively.

And possibility to move these settings to ini file:

Martin said:
These settings are kept in registry because they are not expected to be portable. Custom sensor settings are usually tied to particular mainboard and thus there's no substantial need to have them portable. There's also a rather low probability of reinstalling a system, even in such a case you can easily export and import those settings back.
If I see there's a larger demand for such a feature, I'll implement it, but currently I consider this as a low priority.

Sadly i just wanted to share my OSD setup to other GPD WIN 2 users on reddit