Can I add %'s and labels to system tray?


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Merry Christmas everyone! I'm using the system tray readouts to track memory and CPU usage as well as temps. I'm wondering if there's a way to add a % next to readouts that are percentages? For example, I use Physical Memory Load, which is a percentage of total memory used, but it's only showing up as a number (17) instead of a percentage (17%).

Also, is there a way to add some kind of a text note or something next to each read out? For example, MEM next to the 17% number I mentioned above or even just an M?

Merry Christmas!
I'm sorry, but due to the limited space available for system tray icons, only the plain numbers are shown. Displaying more letters would result in a very small font, almost impossible to read for more than 4 letters/digits. So the best way to improve recognition of particular icons is to define custom colors.