Cant disable "Main window" anymore with HWinfo 5.70-3300 x64?

To begin with, my setting are:

Show System Summary on Startup
Show Sensors on Startup

Minimize Main Window on Startup
Minimize Sensors on Startup
Minimize Sensors instead of closing

In the last version 3280, with exactly same settings sensors would silently open in background (for OSD purposes) and when i would double click on the HWinfo icon only sensors window would show up.

Now in 3300, when i double click on HWinfo, not only sensors open but also the "Main Window".

Is it intended feature? Because i find it quite annoying, because now if i want to open sensors only i have to right click on icon and select "show sensors" or if i double click on icon to show sensors and then i want to close them i have to additionally close the "main window".