Can't update 'error code 5" 6.24-6.26 64bit?


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This program seems strange i'm using it for my Geforce GT 710 video card to monitor temp. every once in a while it will just disappear from the system tray and then you have to reinstall??

thanksHWI Error.jpg
Isn't the tray icon just hidden by Windows? Click the expand icon (left to the NVIDIA one on the screenshot).
When I hit ignore it works but sometimes hours later, the icon temp and program gone out of the system tray and makes me reinstall the program again?

Why is it doing that? Very annoying! like almost 10 times at least..
It's Windows doing this, applications have no control over the placement in the notification (tray) area.
If the icon is hidden, either manually move it to the taskbar area, or right-click on the Task bar, choose "Taskbar settings" and there "Select which icons appear on the taskbar".