Command Rate Value HWINFO v7.05-4490 on ASRock Taichi Z590

Hello, this could not be. On Rocket Lake, if you are in Gear 2 Mode, The Command Rate is always CR1 . Please compare with ASRock Timing configurator 4.09.
Thank You.

hwinfo cr.JPG
According to Intel, in Gear-2 mode the CR is doubled. So 1N in Gear-1 results in 2N in Gear-2.
This is an exact quote from Intel:
In Gear2 MC uses only the low phase of Dclk for commands, effectively doing a 2N by default.
Setting 2N in Gear2 will result in 4N at DDR interface.

So I think that what the BIOS shows is the setting, but not what's really happening at DDR interface.