core temp on 2700k@Asrock z77 (nuvoton sensor)


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Hello Martin und Grüsse aus Deutschland :)

I have a question that has probably already been asked a mio. times, but i cannot help myself as to ask again, as the search didnt bring me a good answer, i just got the feeling there is no general answer for all systems.

I appriciate the application and have always 7 or 8 values on screen, which i can put on and off with 1 button, pretty handy and useful. Only problem is the core temp. Im experimenting with different fans and speeds and airflow and so on. So it would be good to know the result for sure. There seem to be a few values which are related to the core temp. I would like to know which ist most accurate and it would be perfect if i was able to understand all of them

1. I have an i7 2700k with an Enermax ETS-T40 Cooler and an Asrock Z77 extreme 3 Mainboard.

HWINFO shows me following values/temps

-CPU (#0) Intel Core i7 2700k- shows:

1) The 4 values for the different Cores, which are between 25 and 60 degree celsius and can rise or fall 10 degrees in 1 Second.
2) "CPU Package" Temp
3) "CPU GT Cores" Temp
4) "CPU IA Cores" Temp

-Nuvoton NCT6776F Sensor- shows:

1) "CPU" Temp
2) "CPU (PECI)" Temp

There are a few more values, like auxiliary and systin, which i dont understand, but most most important to me would be to know to understand the CPU Values, which of them is important, "real" ??

Thanks and greetings, mannitu from Hamburg :sleepy:
The values you see under CPU come from various temperature sensors across the CPU.
"CPU GT Cores" is the temperature of the iGPU (graphics) unit in CPU
"CPU IA Cores" is the temperature of the CPU cores, most probably the highest of those - this should be very close to the CPU Cores Max value
"CPU Package" might be the highest temperature among all sensors in CPU (which is what I believe), or from another sensor inside the CPU. Unfortunately Intel doesn't explain this.

Temperatures under Nuvoton NCT6776F:
"CPU" - This could be the CPU socket temperature (external, but close to the CPU)
"CPU (PECI)" - This should be the highest internal CPU temperature (should be same as CPU Package if that one is the highest in CPU)

So I hope this clarified it at least a bit. Unfortunately Intel is quite secret when describing such features, so I can't give you more precise details especially about the "CPU Package" value.
If you're looking for good cooling, you're probably searching for the highest internal CPU temperature. For this I suggest to take one of the following: CPU Cores Max, or CPU Package. "CPU (PECI)" might be also used. If you're seeing slight differences this is due to the time when the samples have been taken, because as you have already noticed, when you put load on the CPU the temperatures can climb up very rapid. Thus the difference lies in exact time when a particular value is read out during the spike. Nevertheless, each cooling solution also requires certain amount of time to kick in.

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I think I can answer the meaning of "CPU Package" temperature now. It's a 256 ms average of the highest temperature of all sensors within the CPU package.