Corsair AX1600i & iQue


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A couple years ago I got a Corsair AX1600 with Corsair Link 4 that HWiNFO was able to communicate with.
It has work for all this time, but having recently installed Windows 11, Link 4 doesn't seem to communicate with the PSU.
I believe Link 4 is now EOL, with iQue being the replacement.

Is it know if HWiNFO works with iQue to monitor the PSU were I to install it?
I'm afraid the outcome is quite unpredictable, you'll need to try and see if/how it works.
I think SIV can still report AX1600 PSU data so it seems like HWINFO should be able to also. I have SIV and HWINFO monitoring a Commander Pro and 2 Lighting Node Pros but on Windows 10. I don't (and won't) install iCue for this to work so I am not sure why you would need to run iCue in order for HWINFO to report the AX1600. I have no idea if Corsair Link still works. It has not been updated in years so unless they have changed the AX1600 it should still work, assuming it ever worked in the first place. I don't know if or how Windows 11 would affect this. Good luck!