CPU Current


My PSU, Seasonic X-1050 (Gold), says it can put out 85A max on the 12V rail. I'm seeing the CPU Current hit 85A as a max value in HWiNFO. I've got 2 980Ti GPUs also drawing from the 12V rail. Plus the GPUs and CPU are all overclocked as far as they can go. I wonder if 12V rail is not putting out enough for the system in general?

I ask because my system will random reboot a few times per week. I've seen messages from the UEFI about "power surges" and "PSU instability". I went ahead and bought another PSU. This time I got the X-1050 (Platinum) since it can put out 100A on the 12V rail instead of 85A. Does anyone have thoughts about this?