just a question towards a FX8320E on  ASROCK 970 Extreme 3 board.

HWinfo gives two tabs, one for the CPU which is from AMD i guess, and one for the Board, ASROCK named above.

CPU tab has CPU#0 name with CPU Tctl value and CPU PAckage TSI value which si quite low.

Board tab has CPU#0 and CPU PCI values, which are around 20-25 degrees higher than the amd ones.

Could anyone explain me the difference between both tabs/values?

Think the CPU#0 value on board sensors is the more correct one as it goes to 55 degrees celcius while gaming?

Tctl and TSI go 40 degrees max which would be kinda low for a bulldozer while gaming?



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Truth is that no one exactly knows what's the true internal (core) temperature for older AMD CPUs/APUs. The CPU returns values on a scale that might not represent real temperatures, so all values under the CPU heading might be bogus.
Thus it's recommended to better rely on external sensors (close to CPU/socket) for measuring temperature of those series. Such values are usually located under the mainboard sensor, but represent the external (not core) temperature.