CPU Temperature not alligning with RTSS?


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Hello everyone, i'm having a problem with the CPU temperature display, since i have a Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, i need to use HWInfo so the "CPU Temperature" shows up on MSI Afterburner, i'm monitoring CPU Temp and CPU Fan Speed, CPU Fan Speed is perfectly alligning with the CPU group name, but CPU Temp will just hang out on the botton of the graph no matter what i do, all the settings on both MSI and HWinfo are right, i even tried to allign it manually by moving the Temp graph right and left and up and down, that didn't work either, what should i do? here's a pic for reference https://imgur.com/Cga5XPD
In this case HWiNFO provides only values to MSI AB and their appearance is completely in hands of MSI AB, so you should check on their forums.