CPU undervolt and turbo settings


Is it possible to read/display the CPU undervolt settings ? I know it displays VID but there is no reference, Intel XTU displays the actual undervolt setting, eg -150mV.

Is it possible to read/display the current CPU turbo settings? For example 1 core = 40x, 2 cores = 39x etc

Many thanks
Both information is available in the main HWiNFO window. In case you're using Sensor-only mode, this window is not available, so you need to disabling this mode and start again.
Since those values are rather static and don't change on the fly, they are not displayed in sensors (it doesn't make sensor to constantly monitor them).
Thanks for the quick reply! I can see it now and I would suggest it is possible to open the main window from the sensors and vice versa, otherwise you have to close down the app and restart.
Sensor-only mode in HWiNFO is especially optimized to improve startup time and resource usage by skipping certain parts, which are needed for "full mode".
So it's not possible to activate the main window with additional information in Sensor-only mode.