Crossfire Issue


Using 3 x R9 290. When I disable CFX via AMD CCC, I get all sensors showing in HWiNFO and I'm also able to get them shown in AquaSuite.
When I turn CFX on, some of them vanish from HWiNFO or show wrong readings (like 0 or -9999).

Is this a known issue with CFX? Is there a way to fix it?

This is because of the AMD Catalyst ULPS feature - GPUs not utilized in CFX are switched off to preserve power, so they can't be monitored. If you don't want this to happen, then disable ULPS (either using MSI Afterburner, or via registry).
If those values disappear in HWiNFO or show 0 then it's OK. But -9999 is definitively wrong. Can you please attach a screenshot showing this ?
Hi Martin,

It seems the problem is in AquaSuite. In HWiNFO64 it's displayed correctly.