Custom Sensor Item


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Been trying to find some software that can do this but failed!

I'm looking for the ability to create a virtual hardware sensor that is a combination of hardware sensors. E.g. You create a sensor called Max Hard Drive Temp, then select all the hard drives in your computer or just the ones in a specific enclosure. You then select "output max temp". This can then be used by external applications, e.g. aquasuite to adjust fan speed based on the hottest component in an enclosure.

Other options could be "output max temp" "output min temp" "output average temp" "total temp" and could even be extended to other sensors like RPM as long as they are all the same type.

Personally I could see this being useful in many situations...

Thanks :)
Some items (like Max Core temperature) are already included in HWiNFO, but to combine any sensor values would be a bit tricky. I haven't seen a significant demand for such a feature yet, so I don't think this is going to be implemented in the near future.
BTW, doesn't Aquasuite offer virtual sensors with such capability? It has access to all HWiNFO sensors, so perhaps you might use it for this purpose.
ok, thanks for replying. Aquasuite have a virtual temp feature but its limited to combining 3 hardware sensors, reducing its usefulness.