Delete HWiNFO64A.SYS and HWiNFO64A_150.SYS from Temp directory


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Hello everyone
in order not to have inuntile files on my pc I downloaded the portable version of "HWiNFO" and after using it I deleted it.
The program is no longer present on my pc but in the directory

C: \ Users \ Acer \ AppData \ Local \ Temp

there are two files:


and if I try to delete them it gives me an error:
"could not complete the operation because the file is open in another program"

is there a way to remove them?

I have already tried with CCleaner or Windows Disk Cleanup

There must be some program running that's using the HWiNFO drivers. If you're sure HWiNFO is not running, check what other applications are running on your machine.