Dell Alienware M18x AutoShutdown


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I'm new in the forum :)
I'm the owner of an Alienware M18x and I'm using it everyday a lot of hours, playing (DOTA2) and working (rendering software and CAD software).

I noticed a drop of the framerate in various game in the last weeks, at the beginning i was thinking a bad patch but I started to notice that maybe it was connected to a temperature issue of my laptop.

My temperatures were quite high (90°C ATI Card and >70°C Intel PCH and CPU) So I installed your software. I managed to configure well but I had a problem using it in the background while gaming.

This happened...the fans were going quite fast (4500) and suddendly the laptop shutted down in the middle of the match.

What could have happened? It is the first time that I have this kind of problem.
Should I configure your soft differently?

I can give you more specs if you need to.
Sorry for my bad english and thank you so much for your software and your support...