Dell Vostro v131 fan speed control


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Overall I'm very happy about the Dell Vostro v131, but I'm annoyed by the fan speeds.

The fan is turning on at about 53°Celsius with 3723RPM and stops as soon as it's cooled down enough. This is very annoying, because this means the fan is going on and off every now and then.

I found out, that the fan allows the following settings:

1. Off
2. 3723 RPM
3. 5285 RPM

So far so good.
Then I tried the "System Auto"-setting and looked at all the sensors again and saw that the fan speed has a kind of "variable" setting, which let's the fan turn from 2406 - 3411 RPM.
So apparently the fan can turn in a lower setting, but I can't set it manually.

Is there any way to "activate" these variable fan speeds for the manual setting?

Thanks in advance.


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I'm sorry, but the interface DELL has to control fan speeds allows only the levels which is HWiNFO offering.
It's possible that the internal fan control in Embedded Controller firmware allows more fine-grained levels, but this kind of control is probably not exposed outside (to other applications).