Deskmini X300 Ryzen 5 Pro 4650G Crash/Hang


Hi there,

I'd like to inform about a possible connection between system crashes and hwinfo.
I've noticed that my deskmini tends to crash while running hwinfo (V7.02 as well as V6.30).
The issue occures as following:
  • Graphics freeze
  • sound stops completely after a second or so
  • no response to power button press (configured to shutdown windows)
  • Every time except today the graphics drivers where kinda broken afterwards
    • they weren't even shown as installed anymore
    • no context menu
    • only one monitor active
    • had to reinstall them every time
The freezes occured while idle as well as under load (eg. playing League of Legends, Monster Hunter World or having a Microsoft Teams call) when running HWInfo (most of the time in sytem tray; sometimes active window).
The past few days i didn't run HWInfo to investigate and there were no crashes up until this morning after i put HWInfo in autostart yesterday evening.

For your information: I tried using Version 6.30 as I thought that the feature of sensor monitoring that lead RDNA 2 crashing wasn't in there yet.
If i can provide any information I would be happy to be of help.



PS: A huge thank you for your software as it's perfect for a monitoring maniac like I am one of.


Can you please also try the latest v7.04 or 7.05 Beta?
If the issue will persist it would be great if you could catch the crash while running in Debug Mode and then provide the Debug File.
Sure. I'll let you know as soon as anything happens.
Now using v7.04.
Should I enable Snapshot CPU Polling?
So it just crashed again, this time purging my graphics driver again.

I don't know if it's of any use for you but I've attached excerpt from my windows event log.
Seems like every crash starts with the display driver "amdwddmg" not responding.

Current having Snapshot CPU Polling enabled.

Don't know if you can see it in the debug file but just for protocol "Prefer AMD ADL" is disabled.


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Aaaand another crash.
This time black screen but my music kept playing while no input was taken from mouse and keyboard.
Had to press the power button to shutdown but midway through the pc seemed like it froze.
Therefore hold power button, restart and drivers okay this time.


Try to disable monitoring of the GPU sensor by hitting Del key over its heading.
Have had no crashes since doing that. (approximately half an hour after you wrote your response)
What version of GPU drivers are you using, can you try to upgrade them if that will help?
This is quite strange as the GPU drivers fail to support certain services that should be present. That could be causing issues with HWiNFO.
Is it possible that the driver doesn't install some things due to this being an APU?
Is there any way to check what got installed by the driver setup to see whats missing?
Not because it's an APU. I'm currently running the same family APU and no such issues, the GPU driver also properly supports those services.
Perhaps try a clean driver install.
I'm going to do that tomorrow reporting afterwards.

Wishing you a nice remaining evening / the equivalent to your time zone.