Detecting ATA/SCSI Drive Takes a Long Time Analyzing & Loading


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Indicates "Not Responding".
I suspect it's the large storage drive with many partitions because Disk Management does the same.
New Retail motherboard & storage drive (4 TB).
Primary & boot drive is Samsung 860 EVO - 500GB
It also affects the Windows 10 load time.
Seagate Seatools & Hitachi DFT tests pass.
Debug file attached.



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There's nothing suspicious in the attached DBG file. Try to disable the "ATA Statistics Support" option in HWiNFO if that will improve the scan time.


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Setting Virtual Memory (paging file) to 0MB seems to have fixed it.
It's Windows 10, so could be something else. I think it has COVID-10, i.e. symptoms constantly changing, cause unknown.


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It no longer starts up with that card installed or another known good card installed.
It worked yesterday with no other changes since then.