Disappearing GPU Hot Spot Temperature reading


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Don't know if this is a physical sensor issue or a software/OS/driver bug but seems unlikely to be hardware. Using HWiNFO64 v7.46-5110 with an old EVGA GTX 750 Ti and Windows 10 and I discovered a weird thing. When I started running HWINFO I could see the GPU Hot Spot Temperature reading. If I Restart Windows, I can see the reading afterward. If I Shutdown Windows, or use Sleep or Hibernate, then start it back up, the reading is missing. Anytime I use Shutdown, Sleep or Hibernate, it loses the reading until I use Restart instead. I even turned off Fast Startup in case it was Windows not loading something properly since Shutdown doesn't fully exit Windows with that enabled. It happens even if I completely disconnect power while it's shut down, which is why I think it has to be an issue with software, not hardware.


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This is a GPU driver issue, it doesn't return the respective thermal status information.
Why would it happen when put into those states? Especially sleep or hibernate which are supposed to basically freeze the RAM state?
Just wanted to add that disabling and enabling your GPU's driver through the device manager lets the hotspot value be reported again, avoiding having to restart your system.