Displaying temps for 2 pcs on one desktop


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Hey gang, sorry if this is an easy thing to do, but none of my google-fu has worked for this.

Scenario; 2 pcs networked together. A Ryzen 2700 - which I'll call the MAIN and an i7-2600k which I'll call NAS. 

I have rainmeter/hwinfo running on both systems and displaying info locally without issues, but I would like to have the info from the NAS displayed on the desktop of the MAIN - alongside the local info of the MAIN pc.

I have the NAS added within HWinfo of the MAIN pc and the stats from the remote pc are viewable on my "main" pc within hwinfo, but I'd like to have the temps of the NAS displayed as a desktop gadget on the MAIN pc.

I have no idea how to configure the .ini files to make this possible - or if it even is at all.

Would anyone here be able to help me out, or atleast point me in the right direction of where to look for how to do this?