Dos application doesn't terminate after creating report


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I have to read the model name of the mainboard in a script to determine execute the right action. We have different devices, which are identifiable through mainboard type. If the wrong action is executed the device will be broken.

The Problem:
Wehn I run HWiNFO -r <filename>, the application doesn't determine. The screen went grey after execution. No Dos terminal visible. If i run the command in verbose mode, the screen went black. The commandlines of Dos disapppier. Not even a cursor is visible.
The log file ist created properly.
If I use the command in a script, the rest of the script will not be executed.

Can you give me a hint, another tool or command to read mainboard information? I tried other tools but they either can't read de info correct or are not free.
I propose to first start in normal mode (not batch/automatic report), walk through the screens and see where the problem happens.
I followed your proposal and figured out, the problem is the "Video Info". Calling this in GUI I have the same bahaviour. Is it possible to mind catching unneeded information?
Try to go into Setup and disable options like "Check Video RAMDAC" if that will help.
After editing configuration I recognized, if i call Video Info in GUI the screen wents grey (some times blue), but i can press enter and get back to GUI. Than i see the "DDC Monitor Information". Press ESC. I see "Vidoe Information". ESC ->  I'm back in menu.

EDIT2: With this configuration the command -r terminates correctly...thank you very much. But still the question: Is it possible to mind catching unneeded information (for performance reasons)?
I'm sorry, but development of HWiNFO for DOS has been ceased several years ago, so there are no further updates or feature additions.
I it possible to get the source code in future, or are there to many secret parts you use in the newer versions too?

Thanks a lot again. Your help was very useful
I'm sorry, but source code is not available. One of the reasons is indeed that several parts of the code contain proprietary/secret information.