Double Space before numbers with %


How can I make OSD look like this?

Can't figure it out why the numbers with % in them has double space before the number...somehow I managed to fix it a year ago, but now I reinstalled the windows, and I just can't find the solution?

How can I make the double space to single space?
This is intentional alignment for 3 digits (0-100) in case the numbers are put on separate rows.
Only % has this double space, the temperature does not, and I know I somehow solved it look at the screenshot of there must be some fix for it. But what?
Martin said:
I don't know how did you do that :)
Is that a big issue for you?

Sadly yes, since it looks ugly, and I have no idea why but the lines are expanding/reduce and it is very annoying. And the fact that I could make it nice and clear few months ago makes me cry ....
OK, I'll add a new option to the settings to enable/disable this feature in the next (beta) build.