Download error


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When I tried to download the latest ZIP version of HWiNFO32 from its download page using the Primary (US) site by clicking on the "Download" button, a message appears that says "Hotlinking not allowed". Is this correct? Do I have to download from another site?

Am I missing something? If I want to download from this site, why does the error occur? If you don't want downloads from this site, why have the whole first row of download buttons? Sorry if I'm not getting it, but I don't get it....


BTW: Thanks for the nice tool....
The download from this site is working and it's the preferred download method. There's just a kind of protection against other sites stealing bandwidth and linking to these files directly (instead of linking to the whole download page) and that results in the "Hotlinking not allowed" error message. This protection can cause issues with some internet browsers. Please check your browser configuration and if you don't have some special plug-ins installed.