Downloaded latest and now all Layout settings are deleted.

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Yeah, first off, thanks to whoever is responsible for Hwinfo64, it's an invaluable tool. Now on to my gripe, having turned on Hwinfo64 "look for updates" I received an update notice and before updating I backed up my .ini file just to be save as I believe this has happened before, and after simply experimenting with the latest version it somehow erased my layout settings that I took literally 1-2 hours getting perfect (as you can't simply hold down shift to hide certain readings, you have to go one by one) including my OSD settings. I then went and tried to copy and paste the settings in my backup .ini into the current .ini to no effect. 

I'm EXTREMELY frustrated with this. Why hasn't this issue been addressed already? I'm SICK of spending hours with this crap. In fact, I think I'm going to simply uninstall this BS from my computer.
Sorry, but with such an attitude I don't think I'm going to spend time to help you find a solution. If you think it's crap and BS, then don't use it.
Non-crap doesn't prompt you to download the latest beta, and then make changes to the layout of the older version of Hwinfo64 that you've safeguarded (by making a copy of the .ini file and renaming it to .ini.copy), changes made to the older version of the program are made in the registry? WTF? To which deleting the newer version and restoring the original .ini doesn't revert? 

Non-Crap also doesn't cause your games to drop down to 5 FPS at various random times and the hangs and refuses to quit via killing the process in Task Manger. 

Non-Crap allows you to select multiple entries in "layout"by holding down shift and then deselecting "show". 

Having to do this one at a time literally took me like an hour the first time, the attached snapshot is only half of the entries as can be discerned by the position of the slider on the side. 

What I wanted to do, and to which there are exactly zero prompts or warnings to allow me to do or to warn me that I'm about to lose about an hours work in "layout", was to simply copy the settings in the copy of the .ini found in Hwinfo64's .exe's folder to the new .ini BUT NOOOOOO, the settings are off in the registry or in SysWow or some crap. None of which is intuitive, and none of which can be simply accomplished in 10 minutes. 


Look, I like Hwinfo64, but all of the above? I'm simply not going to do it again! Thanks for your work so far. Please take the above as constructive criticism, allow us to keep our old layouts, at least by copying over the .ini settings, not some abstract convoluted non-sense into RegEdit or SysWOW64 or whatever.

Not everyone is a "Power User". You want your free-ware to gain notoriety, to become popular and widely used these are pre-requisites. Any program that asks for an hour of my time simply to make a few simple changes to the data presented isn't going to be on my computer. It's as simple as that. Look at the attached snapshot, that's only half of the displayed completely extraneous information that can only be hidden one at a time (with a 3 second delay to top everything off with each and ever entry). 

Also, non-crap also doesn't attempt to get you to install browser tool-bars, which has apparently only now been changed (I had to play mr. detective to try to find a version of Hwinfo64 the last time without downloading some tool-bar BS). 

So thank-you Unitoyle for Hwinfo64, I've been using it and recommending it for YEARS now, but I'm simply not going to spend any more energy on this as it is unreasonable and ridiculous.


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Machine-specific settings are stored in registry, because they are deemed non-portable. If they would be saved into the INI file and the user would take this to another machine, it would cause a mess (each machine is different and thus the layout of sensors available is different). Newer versions of HWiNFO have an option to "Backup User Settings", which is easy to restore later.

Since you haven't upgraded for 2 years (and HWiNFO has seen big changes during that time), you have missed a change required in the way how sensor data is addressed and saved. This was done in v4.48 and has been published in the version log (along with a warning that all values will need to be reconfigured):
Unfortunately this was unavoidable to address certain issues discovered and to better support plugins like HWiNFOMonitor, Rainmeter. Moreover I believe that this change will improve forward compatibility, so that it should not be needed to perform another such changes in the future.

Newer versions allow to select multiple lines, to disable or move them at once + drag-and-drop (in the main sensors window), so you should be able to reorder it must faster.

If HWiNFO has caused dropping of FPS in games, I suggest to try the latest version. If the issue persists, then it's most probably because of SMART or EC sensors, which can be proved by trying to disable those sensors and see if it fixes the problem. If you find that the SMART sensor is causing it, then the storage drivers are faulty. In that case I suggest to contact the manufacturer of the driver/drive and tell them that it's crap and BS. In fact you have paid for that drive/driver (as part of the system) and it's not working properly. Unlike HWiNFO for which you had to spend $0.
The OP's reasoning escapes me. As well as some of the "observations" like a three second delay when removing a sensor or data item?

I've reset my custom settings many times in the past, on multiple PCs. Now the backup user settings option saves that bit of work, a great option. Regardless, I can't complain about free software that may not do it all, or is supposedly not intuitive enough.

I found the backup user settings option the first time it appeared in HWiNFO, and the last thing I do before changing to a new HWiNFO version is backing up my settings to the folder containing the new HWiNFO program. Some things need to be figured out by the user, in the way that is the most helpful to that user.

The Backup User Settings option exists, the rest is up to you.
You mean having to use Regedit to accomplish this?

This is not at all intuitive and not at all something someone would ever learn through the process of updating Hwinfo64 a few times and neither is this information anywhere in any kind of "read me" file or anything else.

Yes, 3 seconds to edit entries, I'm not exaggerating. Not using this POS anymore so I have absolutely zero care about commenters coming on here using some 3rd person kinda non-sense language about "OP this and that" saying I'm the moron for not doing some "power user" level shit involving editing the registry simply to not have all of my settings lost with a stupid update.
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