DRAM command rate showing as 1T, but correct in BIOS?


Using compatible Corsair Vengeance XMP 16GB (2x8GB) 3000mhz kit - checked the Asus site.
Asus B450M Plus Gaming - the board came with BIOS 0809 which is from March this year I believe.
Ryzen 2600X
Sticks in A2 and B2 as per manual

Enabled DOCP (XMP) in BIOS 'AI Tweaker' - reports correct timings for RAM
BIOS shows DRAM Frequency at 3000mhz, which is the advertised Corsairs speed (XMP)
All sounds good right?

In Win 10 (1903) I've checked both CPU-Z and HWInfo64 and each stick shows frequency of 1499mhz (essentially 1500mhz), which should mean that the XMP profile is working.
However, in CPU-Z memory tab I can see the XMP at 1499Mhz on the respective slots, but the Command Rate is blank.
In HWinfo64 the Command Rate is 1T - and that's obviously wrong.

So, back into BIOS DRAM Timing and found option to change Command Rate from 'Auto' to either '1T' or '2T' - obviously selected '2T'
Save and exit, then boot into Windows.
Same thing.

I called ASUS and they suggested updating the BIOS, but I'm always loathed to do this unless they can specifically assure me that my issue is something that was addressed in the newer BIOS. Dude is reading from a script, so could not even tell me what was different about the new BIOS other than added support for newer CPU's, which is of no interest.

It might just be an issue with how the BIOS/Ryzen communicated with Windows or 3rd party apps like CPU-Z/HwInfo64, but I'm concerned that if HWinfo64/CPU-Z (which are usually very reliable) are saying '1T' or just no Command Rate value, then what if Windows actually thinks the sticks are running at 1500mhz a piece?
Perhaps I should remove the DOCP setting in BIOS and boot into Windows to see if each stick is reported as 2133Mhz (non XMP) with the same '1T' Commmand Rate?

Appreciate any insights.
Sorry, I'm not sure what exactly your concern is.
I believe HWiNFO is showing the correct Command Rate value. Also note that HWiNFO shows the command memory clock in MHz, DDR data effective clock is always double that. So 1500 MHz = DDR-3000.
Ignore me.....I'm having a brain fart from lack of sleep.
I somehow got onto the idea that because all my intel builds have XMP DDR4 that is always 2T then that applied to all DDR4.