Easier Control for Enabling / Disabling Monitoring of Sensors?


HWiNFO tracks a large number of parameters, and I only require a few of them to be monitored. Currently, I am opening up HWiNFO and going through each parameter set one by one (and sometimes specific parameters within a set) and manually 'Del'-ing them to disable their recording.

In the latest systems, the count of disabled parameters has become much more than the number of ones I need to monitor - even after I turn off specific classes like Current and Voltages in the settings window. I am wondering if a better interface is available / could be provided for this purpose. For example, in the Remote Sensor Monitor add-on, I had a webpage with a checkbox for each parameter, and a global 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' feature. I used to start off by deselecting everything and then enabling only the ones I needed. Something similar would be nice to have. Can I suggest the following?

(a) In the sensor status window, allow a right click option to expand all categories / sub-categories in the sensor column.

(b) In the same right click options set, add 'Monitor All' and 'Monitor None'. Selecting the latter should result in the white cross in red circle graphic against each sensor by disabling their monitoring.

(c) Currently, a double click on the sensor name (disabled or enabled) opens up the graph for that sensor. Can we make a double click on a disabled sensor turn on the monitoring of that sensor first?
You can use the standard multi-selection capability by holding the Shift key and clicking the first and last item and then perform the action you need like Disable Monitoring.
Or by holding the Ctrl key and selecting items one by one will select only those clicked.
Thanks, Martin.

That reminder helps a bit. I can use Shift - Ctrl - End after selecting the first entry to select everything and then press Del to disable the monitoring. Then, I can navigate one by one to enable the ones I need.

The only aspect left is to expand all the sub-categories in this process, preferably with a keyboard shortcut. For example, in the case below:


Pressing Ins on this entry:


enables it, but sub-components are still disabled: