EVGA ICX sensors missing again.


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Try various build till the lastest 5.92-3580. Try reinstall many times. Try restore original order. Try delete HWInfo64 registry. Try looking at GPU I2C Bus Exclusion / Reset GPU I2C Cache. No luck so far.
Also what exactly is VR Loop1 in ASRock Z370 Taichi ?
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File of the system to allow me to analyze the ICX sensors in detail.
"VR Loop1" is the temperature of the (1st loop of the) Voltage Regulator module.
Martin said:
Your GPU is ASUS, not EVGA. Only certain EVGA models feature iCX sensors.

I am sorry I forget to mention that my card is EVGA FTW3 flash to ASUS Strix XOC BIOS.
So now I just try using dual BIOS switch to turn back to master BIOS and HWInfo64 can read VRM/VRAM temp again.
But GPU-Z can read VRM/VRAM temp with ASUS BIOS.  :(
Your configuration is really non-standard ;)
HWiNFO has a filter which detects iCX sensors on EVGA cards only.