[FALSE] HWiNFO64 Win11 high CPU usage according to Task Manager


Hi! Just updated my HWiNFO64 (free) portable to version 7.32-4900 and noticed great difference in CPU usage on Windows 11. It's constantly using 6-15% of CPU according to Task Manager. Not only Task Manager by the fact, I really feel that with overall Windows usage, things are getting more laggy, for example mouse movements are lagging in many apps (that require more CPU) like Photoshop 2022 - never did before. I'm on AMD Ryzen 5 CPU on modern computer. HWiNFO64 never did this for me before on Windows 11 actually, for about a year, always been super smooth. If I turn off HWiNFO64, all goes back to regular again. Any clues? Regards.


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Do you maybe have Virtualization or Memory integrity/Core isolation enabled?
If you attach the HWiNFO Debug File, I can have a deeper look.
Sorry for false alarm, it must have been related to Windows update. After another update everything is fine again. Damn dev beta channel, don't understand why I even joined it. :p