fan control problem


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I have an Alienware m17x R3. Sometime during the game my laptop lower the FPS because the overheating problem so I used the fan control program but I have some problems. Please help me out. Do I have to leave the sensors and the fan control open after I use custom auto? Or I can save and close and only open the main program? Also what is the best set up for the fan control? Which degree I should set up my fan's rpm? Last question is 75 degree too high for Gpu? because every time I play a game the gpu's temperature get up about 75 degree.
Martin said:
If you want to use the Custom Auto feature, you need to have sensors open.
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thank you for answer me so quickly but sometime i leave the senors open for a long time i can't turn it off and it doesn't respond and after that i can't turn off my laptop. so what should i do?
Martin said:
This issue is discussed in that thread as well.

I read the thread but I just want to make sure the senors cause the shutdown problem and the way to fix it is to disable the "LPC & EC Support". Am I correct? I am sorry but i just want to make sure. thank you
Please read the thread carefully (I know it's quite long, but the 1st post contains most important information).
Yes, disabling the EC support will use a different method which shouldn't cause those problems.