Fan issue EVGA 780i SLi


Hello. i have weird issue with fan. It is just wron reading from HWinfo or maybe something could be wrong with motherboard ??


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Hello,I also have this error with RTX3070,I haven't experienced it until now only with the new version(v7.10-4540) !
Now 2704. but I have had 18000, also....
Seeing that the vents were running at 68%,is this some kind of bug.


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This value is reported by the NVIDIA GPU driver. Are you sure the issue is related to a HWiNFO version, or did you perhaps update the GPU driver ?
Yes, the driver is up to date, I noticed that this incorrect value is displayed when the fan stops, before that it shows a false value for a moment, it's not a problem with hwinfo, it's 100% !