Fan speed increase after BIOS upgrade


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First thanks for providing HWINFO - the issue below I'm describing is mitigated HWINFO fan control utility.

I've a tiny Dell OptiPlex 3080 desktop (i5-10500T) whose BIOS I recently upgraded (1.3.1->1.3.2) and all of a sudden the fan's RPMs changed from 805rpm to 1800rpm. I can also now hear the fan and it's keeps ramping up and down. Reverting to the old BIOS fixes the issue. My warranty has allowed for an on-site fan replacement, followed up by another on-site motherboard and fan replacement (and another one is scheduled for tomorrow after re-installing Win10). My support contact tells me that replacing the device requires a lengthy approval process.

However if I run HWINFO's fan control (with the new BIOS 1.3.2) as the image indicates (Custom Auto turned on), I'm back to my fan spinning at ~800 rpm and no ramping up or down. I've also attached some relevant F12-diagnostics.

I'm not a hardware engine but this would appear be an issue with the new BIOS upgrade.

I'd really be grateful for any suggestions as to what could be going on.



F12 - diagnostics: