Feature Request - Modify Values & Custom Units


Basically there a few people out there that would benefit from being able to custom modify RPM values from motherboard fan headers and add custom units like what is capable in HWiNFO Monitor. This way coolant flow rates can be monitored in real time with OSD (RTSS) and alarms set if flow reaches a minimum value (pump dies).

There are a few flow meters (water cooling) on the market that use a standard 3 pin fan connector. These flow meters report a raw Hz value. These Hz values then have to be multiplied by a certain value to reach either LPM or GPM.

Say a Koolance flow meter reads 30 Hz. Multiply 30 Hz by 0.096 to get 2.88 LPM. Or multiply 30 Hz by 0.025 to get 0.76 GPM.

Having this ability would make my day. I already love HWiNFO and use it for almost everything :D

I see why such a feature is needed, so I'll add it into my to-do list. Though this will require a bit more effort because of HWiNFO is working internally.
This is implemented in the newly released v4.43-2288 Beta. Check the "Custom" tab under sensor settings.
I hope you like it ;) Let me know if there are any issues...
You are amazing! :heart: However I don't currently own a flow meter, will be purchasing one in the next few months. I'll still play around with it in the meantime though!