Feature suggestion

Dear Martin,
I suggest that you can come up with a feature in which the user can see how the OSD(RTSS) would appear when setting up the parameters to monitor when in gaming or 2D rendering.

Now I have to open GPU-Z and open 3D renderer test to see how the monitoring looks when I setup the OSD(RTSS)

And thanks for the great program.
Dear Martin,

Here is my list of things I want...
1) Fully enable 32bit version on 64bit version (I downgraded because I wanted to make changes to my computer and see the difference in performance as I upgraded it). All of my current computers are 64bit.
2) Show shared system RAM when video uses some of it.
3) If some card is not properly using PCIe slot (example: video card) or is in the 2nd video slot and is running slower that spec (or might run slower. Or might not, if a 4-lane card is in the 2nd slot, and its 4-lanes than there no difference were its used. This issue is where a card is in a 16, 8, or 4x (lane) slot, but for some reason is running in compatibility mode and is acting as its lower level compatible mode).
4) Related to #1. Keep adding data, for newer CPU's, for the Benchmark(ing). I know my Q9650 is so fast (haha), but it only shows 3 CPU faster than me, I doubt that...
5) Related to #1. Flag my other benchmarks, for the same computer. Flag other benchmarks, I've ran (I own only Q, P, T or E series CPU's. We that I ran this program on (I own and use, 8086, HP100 palmtop) 286, 386, 486, and Pentium's, that I dont use this program on). And flag other user data, when the same CPU is used. I am assuming, that each time someone benchmarks there computer the data is anonymously added to the list...
So far i like everything with your software. Only few thing i would like to see.
- Options to set a size limit for logs. So log file won't be able to become huge.
When i am playing games for long time i turn on logs into my flash drive, which is works for logs only. It never reaches 4gb size, but still will be a good thing to have. But as i can uderstand with log file structure it's not easy to remove or replace lines. But i think it's still possible for app to re-create file if it reached certain size.

- In case of automatic logging start, i would like app to start logging when app itself starts and to remember specific log file location. Re-creating file anew.

Combined with 1st suggestion it will be even more perfect logging tool.