Frame Rate Graphing


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Is there any way to make a graph over time that records or graphs the frame rate of a game while it's being played? I would also like to know highest, lowest and average frame rates during game play. The frame rate displayed up in the corner does me no good, I really need to chart it and the average frame rate over time is possibly the most important number.
I'm sorry, but I think in the utility equipment condition monitoring in that it makes no sense. The implementation of this function requires the name of the controlled tasks knowledge and HWiNFO it does not control the programs of work tools. Your problem is solved with the help of specialized utilities such as Fraps (, and instrumental class HWiNFO packages, Process Hacker, such extra features. This is similar to what a friend of mine requires a professional software to:

"The overall goal - to turn a program into something that is not just hanging out and doing something ...."

Although his proposal was formulated so - "I want to make it - so it should be!"

The result of the question:

"There is a difference between:

the so-called "hard-line" are the same literals

Proc Option: Main;
Print display L`<string>; // immediately displays the message

the same code, but with remote array of posts:

Proc Msg Option (Str,Dev); // Array of messages
Dcl A(k, i, j) Char;
Dcl A Array (k, i, j) A(k, i, j) Char; // Actually an array of message strings
Copy addr A(k, i, j); // Returns the string in the buffer
Proc Option: Main;
K1 = <line number>;
Dev = <output>;
Dcl addr Int (4) 0;
GetBuffer (2*lnght,addr); // Allocate buffer
Call Msg (K1,Dev,addr); // Inviting routine rows read for the line
If linght (addr)> 0 Then
        Print display addr // if the string is not empty print it on the screen
            Else End; // If empty do nothing
FreeBuffer (2*lnght, addr); // Release became unnecessary buffer at addr
End; "

man answered a bunch of nonsense, though habitual for him :) - he was not spoiled professional education in the field of computers, but three weeks of computer literacy courses attended :).
I am not as advanced in my knowledge of computers and software as I need to be to completely understand your reply. I had a look at Fraps and I think that is probably going to be the only way I can get the min, max and average FPS for someone of my skill level (which is not very), but I thought it would be cool if I could produce a graph with HWiNFO so I can see the frame rate graphed right alongside my CPU cores, threads and GPU loads. Sorry if I offended you in some way.
HWiNFO can read the FRAPS counter and show in sensors. If you enable sensor logging in HWiNFO, you can get all the values in CSV format which you can use for further evaluation.
Can you point me in the right direction to where I can read about how to do the HWiNFO can read the FRAPS counter and show in sensors thing?
If you have FRAPS running and then start HWiNFO, you should see an additional sensor at the bottom of the list. It will show data only when the counter provides values.
You can then work with this sensor as with any other in HWiNFO - show in OSD, tray, log it, etc.