framerate grays out when running game in new beta


I have the new beta 7.41-5020 running which now has persistent framerate and frame time (which is great). However, when i run a game, the values grey out and are not updated. When i keep the game running, but in the background (with minimum framerate) it does update the values.
When i close the game, it "remembers" the last framerate and that stays visible, but greyed out.
Did previous builds show those statistics if the game was running both in foreground and background too?
And with the latest build these are grey when the game is in foreground?
In previous build, the sensors were not available till i would run a game. Then when running a game they became available and would update whether the game was running in foreground or background.
So, yes, they are grey when running in foreground. And when not running a game anymore.
That seems to work. Yet, the sensors grey out when i close the game and stay on 22 fps and 45.6ms (last values before game is actually closed), where it should be 0 fps and 0ms.
p.s. The sensors also show Framerate 1% low and 0.1% low, but those are empty now.
This is expected as grey items mean HWiNFO is unable to read a valid value from the sensor.
"Framerate 1% Low" and "Framerate 0.1% Low" require RTSS v2.13 or later run in Benchmark Mode
I understand it can't read the sensors anymore, but seeing 22fps while nothing is running seems a bit weird... it's not possible to "reset" them to 0 when they can't be read anymore?
I don't mind about the low values, i don't need them... ;)
Btw, i want to thank you for your effort and quick response.