GPU Frontside Bus?


So I just figured out the part of HWiNFO64 where I could get fps in addition to gobs of other stuff. Great: Love it! Using GenericLogViewer, I can graph all kinds of things bottlenecking each other!

But I've just realized MSI Afterburner has this "GPU FB usage %" that's not replicated in HWiNFO64. "GPU Video Bus Load" seems vastly different, reading wildly different numbers, and I can only assume "FB" stands for Frontside Bus.

Is there a way I could add GPU FB usage %" to HWiNFO logs, please?
I don't think that the GPU FB stands for Front Side Bus, but rather for Frame Buffer.
This might be similar to GPU video memory usage information in HWiNFO, but it depends on particular GPU if/how this information is reported.