GPU Meter hwinfo not connected error


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Okay so I have a funny issue with rainmeter, the cpu/clock/wireless meters work perfect and always have. The gpu meter I can’t get to work for the life of me! I have followed guides on here and have done everything o can to get it to work. The odd part is it works when I have the sensors tab open in hwinfo64, the minute I close it the GPU Meter stops working and says hwinfo not connected. I have gone in rainmeter settings and made sure all the values match what hwinfo viewer says.... I just don’t get why it works when I have sensors tab open but when I close it doesn’t... any ideas?

windows 10 home x64
have the special plugin installed
GPU = 1660 ventus oc 6gb
HWiNFO sensors window must always be running in order to export data to other applications like Rainmeter. You can minimize it or the whole application, but not close it.