GPU Problems found with HWInfo64


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The title can seem like a bug but I assure you it is not, I have an issue.

From the beginning, I added a secondary GPU to my system and all was working just fine, HWInfo said GPU #0 was my 1060 and GPU #1 was my 960, now however after I tried installing drivers for the 960, it suddenly picks that as GPU #0 even though it is in my secondary PCIE slot, and defaults the 1060 to GPU #1, this wouldn't be a problem but that means it's defaulting my entire boot to the 960 in the slower PCIE slot, the 960 has no monitors plugged in and is only there to bear load of smaller apps that I prioritise while my 1060 is working, when it defaults to the 960 it only uses 1 monitor and the resolution goes all funky and Geforce Experience says I have no drivers and Device Manager says the 1060 was disabled because of errors.

I know this is not a problem with HWInfo but I thought if anyone could help it would be the community here

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