GPU temperatures and voltages way too high after awakening from sleep


I have a Radeon 6800XT. When I first run HWinfo64, all sensors and measurements work fine.

However, if I keep the program running and put the computer to sleep, when it awakes, most all the voltages and temperatures show measurements in the range of 2.72E23.

This is on v7.42 as well as the v7.43 betas.


I will need to see the HWiNFO Debug File including the suspend/resume sequence to check the details.
Thanks, I can see the problem now. It's most probably related to the GPU driver.
Will try to add a workaround in the next Beta build.
I ran 7.43-5080 and I'm still seeing the same error after awaking from sleep. I didn't see anything mentioned in the changelog so I understand if a workaround is not in this build yet.
I attempted to fix this but it seems it wasn't sufficient. Please attach a new Debug File of suspend/resume made using build 5080.
Thanks. I see the last patch wasn't sufficient, will extend this even more in the next build.