Gpu thermal limit


After a bit of advice. In hwinfo my GPU was getting hot 80c, and noticed yes under thermal limit reached in hwinfo. So had a tweak around now my card hits 72c peek, yet still get thermal limit reached?
I get yes also for all but SLI and think was normal yet the thermal limit?
I think a screenshot of HWiNFO sensors window of this will help more, with all GPU sensors visible

Like this. The more is visible (sensor description and all each 4 values) from GPU the better

Ok I did a 6-7 hrs test and this time it did not happen, maybe I was seeing things. here is a pic of HWinfo after that time below.

Thanks for the help
You've reached almost all limits of the GPU except thermal and SLI boost.
I dont see anything unusual for a GPU that is probably OCed. I can see "Total GPU Power % TDP" exceed limit also, so...

The only one I would be concerned about is the Reliability Voltage, but maybe its just reached limit and didnt pass it.
GPUs have throttling function for every limit reached except total Power. They allow you to increase power limit by a percentage (depends on the card) but when other limits are reached = throttle.
Its normal
That's all defaults. I've Not changed anything on the above. I do have a oc for the card but haven't used since the card was getting hot. Since then I've fresh reinstalled windows. So everything is stock.
I have a 750w psu so that should not be a problem. Prob as you say it's just hit the power limits. I can install afterburner and increase it.