GPU VR VDDC temperature gets stuck


at some point the above mentioned sensor will get stuck at a certain temperature value and restarting HWiNFO v7.24-4770 will not fix it, it will return to normal readout only after reboot.
I have attached a report and dbg file: when I noticed the value is stuck, exited HWiNFO, started it with DBG enabled, left it running for a short time, tried enabling/disabling the sensor and exited HWiNFO.
The card in question is Gigabyte Radeon 6600XT Gaming OC Pro. It seems to be related to either a newer driver update or a HWiNFO update, as I don't remember having this issue when I got the card 6+ months ago.
Also attached a screenshot as reference of the stuck sensor.


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  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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Unfortunately the DBG file you attached is truncated and incomplete so I can't check the exact details.
But this looks like a problem in GPU driver which is providing this value, so try to upgrade the drivers if that will help.
I'm running the latest drivers 22.5.2
The same was happening with 22.5.1 and one version before that, unfortunately can't recall which version started exhibiting the issues.
I'll try running the dbg mode again when the issue reoccurs, if it helps any.
Here's a new dbg file, hopefully you can figure out the source of the problem.
The issue might be occurring more frequently when I use the reset values, but I'm not certain.


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I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do here. HWiNFO is reading the value from the GPU properly, so the problem is in drivers.