GPU wattage?


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Hey, been using SK Neon Meter (Rainmeter) for awhile and GPU Fan was always kinda useless. Now that I have a RTX 3080, I want to utilize this meter. I see lots of power IDs in HWinfo share memory viewer, but not exactly sure what they represent, or what units. Is there one specific one that measures Watt usage?

There is one called "Total GPU Power [% of TDP]"; what does TDP stand for?
Actually I figured it out. It is GPU Power, units are in watts it says. This could be useful if you are having crashes with RTX 3080 GPU and you suspect PSU issues. Basically each PCIE is supposed to supply 150w each, X 3 for 350w. Also assume that PCIE mobo slot supplies 75w too for over-wattage.
Board PCI-E slot has a max supply of 75W but never is needed that much. GPU card manufacturers keep PCI-E slot power draw usually somewhere between 40~50W (if not less than that), I guess to avoid board damage, or even board heat soaking. Because all this power power must run through the board's circuits. Some older SLI/Crossfire-capable boards even had an extra power connector right next to PCI-E slots to aid. Others, even derive some power from the 4/8-pin CPU ATX power connectors.

TDP = Thermal Design Power
TGP = Total GPU Power
TBP = Total Board Power

Only TBP is what the entire card draws.
TGP is only for the GPU without memory modules, fans, leds or anything alse.
TDP is a very questionable value. Its usually how every manufacturer is interpret it. As the name implies is about heat. Some manufacturers are naming this equal to TGP, as all the power of GPU traslates into heat which is correct of course, but others they mean only the GPU heat that is "moving" towards the cooler under specific circumstances, which of course is less than TGP as some heat is also dissipates through the PCB and the back of the card.
The same thing is happening with CPU TDP as AMD and Intel are using it differently.
Also, lately there is a new power value called PPT(Package Power Tracking) and at least for AMD CPUs and GPUs is representing the entire chip package. Its equal to TGP for GPU.

The nVidia reference RTX3080 (FE) has a TBP of 320W, but most custom cards have a little more than that depending the model.
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Well anyways, I have a new problem. This was all working fine on previous PC configuration, but I recently swapped the motherboard and re-installed Windows 10. Now, I can't get SK Neon Meter to pick up any GPU info/CPU temp. I have the ID codes all set correctly. Is there some setting in HWINFO that I need to click on? It was years ago when I initially set all of this up to work in the first place. I don't understand what the problem is.