Group elements same row RTSS


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When I try to show the labels of the different elements in the same row, the grouping of the elements seems to be incorrect. It seems as if hwinfo adds in a first column all the tags and later adds the values, this is incorrect when trying to show everything in a single row.
You should be able to display the elements in the following way:
Mem: 66%, bat: 99.1%, 60fps.
As a more aesthetic option for the separator I propose to be able to use the symbol | so that everything looks like this:
Mem: 66% | bat: 99.1% | 60fps.

Another great addition could be the dynamic color change depending on thresholds that can be defined, for example for the battery:
If the battery is above 50% the color would be green, if the battery is between 49 and 21% the color would be yellow and if the battery is below 20% the color would be red.
The same could be used to set other parameters such as the amount of memory used, the temperature, the fps, etc...